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Kupu-Kupu Art Space
Ubud, Bali

where artists flutter by.....

Who We Are

The name KupuKupu is Indonesian for butterfly, a symbol of transformation. By doing things a different way, we hope to be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of the people we connect with through art, music and food...

To provide opportunities for artists, (particularly Indonesian artists) to have a space to work and exhibit (without having to sell their motorbike to do so)


  • To support the aspirations of artists, so they are free to create and embrace us with their art.
  • To create a space for people to come together in art and music and build connections that will not only benefit each other but ripple out into the community
  • To educate visitors to Bali about the deeper, more authentic side of local culture
  • To be able to fund projects for artists that financial restraints might otherwise prohibit
  • To be able to provide food by donation only, so no one would be turned away with an empty belly

Some friends of Kupu Kupu performing recently in Ubud :

some history......

KupuKupu Art Space was conceived on a supermoon in 2013 after sharing some local wine with artist friends: Hero and Cleise (who together with friend Fajar) ran a small but inspiring art shop called Asu Art AttacK)  Pranoto (an art legend in Ubud) and the amazing and funny Ivan.  Asu Art Attack was a dynamic space. Even though the shop was so tiny people from around the world would congregate outside to talk, listen to the street music and keep company.


As a newcomer to Bali, I was enthralled by the atmosphere they created with their friends and the feeling of having a place for people to come together regardless of whether they bought art or not.


After a few drinks and gazing at the full moon in all its super luminosity, we discussed having a place where artists could exhibit their work and connect over a few drinks and food. Pranoto then suggested that we could make the food 'free for the people' “How would that work?” Several ideas were tossed around and finally we went our separate ways. Who could guess that the magic of the supermoon would charge this idea into manifesting, without much effort?

a food for the people initiative